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January: 2019 is a Wrap (Highlights from the Show Season)
February: Save the Date (Post Time at Ratliff's III, May 2)


January: The Kind We Sell
March: 100 Head Sell (Post Time at Ratliff's II)
April: 100 Head Sell (Post Time at Ratliff's II)
July: Thank You (Post Time at Ratliff's II)
September: Pretty Perfect (Top of the World Sale Consignment)


January (Page 1): We are on a Roll (All American Jersey Show)
January (Page 2): We are on a Roll (All American Jersey Show)
February: Offering Our Best (Midwest Spring Special Sale)
June: Offering a Choice out of Porscha (National Heifer Sale)

21st International WJCB Conference: Breeding Champions Generation after Generation


January: The Stars We Sell (Post Time at Ratliff's Sale)
January: She's the Star of the Show (Penny)
February: Selling Champions (Post Time at Ratliff's Sale)
March: Post Time at Ratliff's Sale
April (Page 1): Post Time at Ratliff's Sale
April (Page 2): Post Time at Ratliff's Sale
June: Our Stars of the Day (Southern National Show)
September: We Enjoy Promoting Our Best and the Breed's Best (Top of the World Consignments)
November: Our Stars are Shining Bright (Show Highlights)


January (Page 1): All American Success
January (Page 2): All American Success
January: March Madness Sale
February: One Heck of a Brood Cow (Alicia and March Madness Sale)
February: March Madness Sale
March: One Heck of a Type Appraisal
June: Thank You
September: Be Victorious with These Two Consignments (Top of the World)
November: We are Off to a Roaring Start (Show Highlights)


January (Page 1): Ratliff Jerseys Roar (All American Jersey Show)
January (Page 2): Ratliff Jersey Roar (All American Jersey Show)
February: They've Got What it Takes (Great Cow Contest - Alicia, Deja Vu and Karmel)
February: Let Our Loss be Your Gain (Spring Sales)
March: Let Our Loss be Your Gain (Spring Sales)
July: It's Just Like Deja Vu
July: Made Like Momma (Alicia)
October: A Different Kind of Offering (All American Jersey Sale)
November: Made Like Momma (Alicia)
November: The Belle of the Barn (Porscha)
December: Made Like Momma (Alicia)