Maple Lawn Ladd Lazone
Res. Jr. All American Jr. Two-Year-Old, 2021
4th Jr. 2-Year-Old, International Jersey Show, 2021

Thank you to the Schweigert family for making Lazone available to us.


Kunde Victorious Lydia
8th Summer Jr. 2-Year-Old, All American, 2021
Victorious x E-93% TBone

Thank you to the Kunde family for selling us this exciting young cow.


River Valley Excitation Radiant-ET
4-00 305 20,350 5.2% 1,056 3.8% 770

7th Sr. 3-Year-Old, All American, 2020
7th National Jersey Jug Futurity, 2020
4th Sr. 2-Year-Old, All American, 2019
2nd Sr. 2-Year-Old, International Jersey Show, 2019
Int. Champion, IL State Fair, 2019
1st Sr. 2-Year-Old, KS State Fair, 2019

Excitation x Cowbell Guapo Ricochet, E-95%


Premier Joy of JCB
5-09 301 26,350 5.1% 1,351 4.0% 1,059
NASCO Type & Production Winner, All American, 2019
Premier x MVP x Louie


Spatz Applejack Baylee
3-03 305 22,210 5.1% 1,143 3.9% 868
4th Sr. 2-Year-Old, All American, 2017

We purchased Baylee from the Spatz Cattle Company, PA, at the Stars of Stoney Point Sale in 2017.


Lavon Farms Applejack Cheyene
Res. Grand and Int. Champion, Southern National, 2017
1st Jr. 3-Year-Old, Southern National, 2017
Owned with Frank Pretz and Dan Friedrich

Cheyene is another promising purchase - a granddaughter of Pleasant Nook F Prize Circus, 2003 National Grand Champion. Her dam is Family Hill Amadeo Colbi, E-92%.


Page-Crest Response Sabra-ET
4-7 305 27,260 4.7% 1,284 3.4% 931

2nd 5-Year-Old, Eastern States Exposition, 2017
6th 4-Year-Old, All American, 2016
6th Sr. 2-Year-Old, All American, 2014
9th Sr. 2-Year-Old, International Show, 2014
Int. Champion, KS State Fair, 2014


Sunset Canyon Valen L Maid 42481-ET
3-2 305 25,950 6.9% 1,785 3.6% 943

We are pleased to partner with Eric Silva, OR, on this great young cow out of Lemvig Maid 4. The next dam is the one-and-only Tenn Haug E Maid.


Iota Comerica Patricia
4-7 266 18,370 5.8% 1,063 3.7% 676

3rd Jr. 3-Year-Old, All American, 2013
1st Jr. 3-Year-Old, KS State Fair, 2013
2nd Jr. 3-Year-Old, WI Spring Show, 2013

We purchased Patricia from the Wisconsin Spring Sale in 2013.


Woodmohr Mini Aspen
4-2 305 20,340 5.3% 1,074 4.1% 825

7th 4-Year-Old, International Show, 2014
1st 4-Year-Old, KS State Fair, 2014
Res. Grand Champion, WI Spring Show, 2013
Int. Champion, WI Spring Show, 2013
1st Sr. 3-Year-Old, BU, WI Spring Show, 2013

We purchased Aspen from the Wisconsin Spring Spectacular Sale in 2013.