Pleasant Nook Rene Myriah
3-11 305 19,690 4.1% 799 3.3% 659

Dam: Pleasant Nook Jude's Marcie, EX 91 (CAN)
3-0 305 16,847 5.5% 922 3.7% 625
3rd Jr. 3-Year-Old, Ohio Spring Dairy Expo, 1998

Grandam: Pleasant Nook J Imp Martha, SUP-EX 94-7E (CAN)
4-11 305 19,677 5.4% 1,069 3.7% 722
2nd 4-Year-Old, Royal Winter Fair, 1997
Nominated All-Canadian Mature Cow, 1998

Third Dam: Pleasant Nook Royal Marlene, EX (CAN)
Fourth Dam: Pleasant Nook Justin Mable
Fifth Dam: Pleasant Nook Jodys Martha, EX (CAN)
Sixth Dam: Pleasant Nook M Marlene, EX 91 (CAN)
Seventh Dam: Montmaple Posing Mabel, SUP-EX 90 (CAN)


Myriah's Daughter: Ratliff Juno Madison-ET
6-3 305 23,920 4.0% 958 3.4% 825

1st Aged Cow, Easter States Expo, 2011
Res. Grand Champion, KS State Fair, 2009
1st Aged Cow and BBO, KS State Fair, 2009
3rd Aged Cow and BBO, Central National, 2009
8th Aged Cow, All American, 2009
2008 Reserve All American 5-Year-Old Cow
2nd 5-Year-Old and BBO, All American, 2008
Grand Champion, Southern National, 2008
1st 5-Year-Old and BBO, Southern National, 2008
Grand Champion, 1st 5-Year-Old, KS State Fair, 2008
3rd 5-Year-Old, Central National, 2008 Res. Grand Champion and BU of Show, WI Spring Show, 2007
Res. Grand Champion, 1st 4-Year-Old, KS State Fair, 2007
4th 4-Year-Old, All American, 2007
4th 4-Year-Old and BBO, Central National, 2007
5th National Jersey Jug Futurity, 2006
4th Jr. 2-Year-Old, All American, 2005


Myriah's Granddaughter: Ratliff Sambo Martina
4-2 305 23,600 5.1% 1,203 3.7% 883

BBO of Show, WI Spring Show, 2009
1st 5-Year-Old, BU, WI Spring Show, 2009
Res. Sr. Champion, 1st 4-Year-Old, KS State Fair, 2008
2nd 4-Year-Old, BBO and Genetic Award, WI Spring Show, 2008
3rd 4-Year-Old, All American, 2008
Winner National Jersey Jug Futurity, 2007
Kingsmill Farm II Futurity Winner, 2007
Int. Champion, 1st Jr. 3-Year-Old, KS State Fair, 2007
Res. Int. Champion, Central National, 2007
1st Jr. 3-Year-Old, BU and BBO, Central National, 2007
Res. Int. Champion, All American, 2006
2006 All American Junior 2-Year-Old
1st Jr. 2-Year-Old, BU and BBO, All American, 2006

Ratliff Sambo Martina was named Winner of the 2007 National Jersey Jug Futurity.

Martina was named Winner of the 2007 National Jersey Jug Futurity.


Martina's Daughter: Ratliff Action Margarita-ET
2-10 288 18,130 4.8% 863 3.5% 639

Int. Champion, Southern National, 2014

Maternal Sisters


Ratliff Jurisdiction Micki
3-2 305 18,590 4.8% 900 3.7% 697

Res. Int. Champion, KS State Fair, 2009
1st Jr. 3-Year-Old, KS State Fair, 2009
3rd Kingsmill Farm II International Futurity, 2009
8th National Jersey Jug Futurity, 2009


Ratliff Remake Morgan
3-2 305 17,480 5.5% 955 3.7% 646
Owned by Peter Vail and Budjon Farms, Lomira, WI

2013 Reserve All American Senior Three-Year-Old
6th International Jersey Futurity, 2013
Res. Int. Champion, WI Spring Show, 2013
2nd Sr. 3-Year-Old, WI Spring Show, 2013
7th Sr. 2-Year-Old, All American, 2012

Morgan was the second high seller of the second Ratliff Proof of Progress Sale in 2012.

Other Family Members by Sambo


Ratliff Sambo Murphy
EX 91 (CAN)
3-8 305 19,340 5.1% 994 3.5% 667
Owned by Avonlea Genetics Inc. and International Genetics Ltd., Brighton, Ontario

9th National Jersey Jug Futurity, 2011
10th Sr. 3-Year-Old, Central National, 2011
1st Sr. 2-Year-Old, Royal Winter Fair, 2010
Nominated All-American Sr. 2-Year-Old, ABA, 2010
All-Canadian Sr. 2-Year-Old, 2010

Murphy was the high-selling individual of the Ratliff Proof of Progress Sale in May 2010, purchased for $20,000 by Avonlea Genetics and International Genetics.


Ratliff Sambo Magnolia-ET
5-0 305 20,700 4.8% 984 3.7% 764

Res. Int. Champion, Southern National, 2009
1st Sr. 2-Year-Old, Southern National, 2009
4th Sr. 2-Year-Old, Central National, 2009
4th Sr. 2-Year-Old and BBO, WI Spring Show, 2009
6th Sr. 2-Year-Old, All American, 2009

Her full sister, Ratliff Sambo Mikah, was the high seller of the Oklahoma State Sale in 2006, purchased by Roger and Roy Buessing, Axtell, KS. The Buessings consigned "Mikah" to the Kansas State Sale the following year, where she topped that sale when she was purchased by Kingsmill Farm II LLC and Sandy Dale Farm, Durham, NC, for $14,500.