We had a Great Time in Madison

Madison, Wis., was another excellent stop for Ratliff Jerseys along the tanbark trail this year during the one and only World Dairy Expo!

In the International Jersey Show, Arethusa Tequila Vision, Excellent-95%, was the day’s highlight when she was tapped first-place Lifetime Cheese Production Cow. “Vision” also won the Nasco International Type & Production Award.

Other notable performances include River Valley Excitation Radiant-ET, Very Good-87%, who was the second place senior 2-year-old, and Ratliff Impression Donner-ET, Excellent-91%, who was the production winner in the aged cow class, where she placed ninth overall.

We are also happy to have placed fourth with our best three senior females and fifth in produce of dam. Be sure to look for our show string in Louisville, Ky., next month for the All American Jersey Show!

Check out more highlights from our other 2019 shows here.

Arethusa Tequila Vision, E-95%
Lifetime Cheese Production Cow
Nasco International Type & Production Award
World Dairy Expo, 2019

River Valley Excitation Radiant-ET, VG-87%
2nd Senior 2-yr.-old
World Dairy Expo, 2019


Ratliff Impression Donner, E-91%
Production Winner, Aged cow class
9th Aged cow
World Dairy Expo, 2019